5 Home Electrical System Problems Not To Ignore

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5 Home Electrical System Problems Not to Ignore

5 Home Electrical System Problems

Your home’s electrical system has many components. When all are working properly, electricity seamlessly is distributed throughout your home. However, when a problem arises with just one component, it can cause a variety of issues that could potentially cause a fire or a serious electrical shock to you or a loved one. The following are five problems that you should definitely not ignore. If you’re experiencing any of these, it’s time to call an experienced, skilled Phoenix electrician who can identify what’s wrong and make repairs.

Lights That Flicker Or Blink

If you’ve ever not screwed in a light bulb tightly, you’ve seen a flicker or a blink. This is because of a poor connection. If you’re seeing the same thing happen when the air conditioner kicks on or when you turn on an appliance like a hair dryer or microwave, you could have a bad connection in an electrical circuit.

Outlets That Spark, Buzz, Or Crackle

When you consistently see sparks when you plug into an outlet, it needs to be repaired or replaced. Unusual noises from the outlet also signal that something needs fixing.

Outlets That Don’t Work

If you have a non-functioning outlet, the first step is to determine if the circuit is blown or the breaker has tripped. If these issues aren’t the cause of your outlet problem, it could be a loose or broken wire causing a break in the electrical connection.

Light Bulbs That Pop

Popping light bulbs signal a bad main neutral connection. This problem can get worse over time and can be a safety hazard.

Frequent Tripped Breakers Or Blown Fuses

If there’s too much power on a circuit, fuses in your panel box can blow or the breakers can trip frequently. A common trigger for these problems is plugging too many things into the same electrical outlet. An overloaded circuit can be very dangerous and could start a fire.

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