AC Components Most Likely to Malfunction Over the Labor Day Holiday

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Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer for most regions of the US. However, summer heat is far from over in the Desert Southwest. Phoenix residents understand there are at least six more weeks of hot weather ahead before the temperatures start to slide into fall. At this point in early September, air conditioners have been operating full tilt for months. Like an automobile running at an extremely high rpm on a long trip through the sweltering desert, the motors and moving parts of AC systems are being pushed to the limit. Not surprisingly, depending on how old your AC unit is, some components may fail, and you may experience service issues with your AC before the end of summer. This is the time of year when air conditioners are really put to the test.

Components Most Likely to Breakdown

Of course, every air conditioner is unique with its own set of challenges and issues. Over the years, Cool Blew has noticed certain patterns in terms of components wearing out in the late summer. Here’s a list of the some of the parts most likely to need replacement:

Air Filters

Critical to the smooth operation of your AC unit, air filters are supposed to filter out dust, dirt, dander, and other particulate pollutants from the air that circulates in your home. However, filters that aren’t changed can impact the efficiency of your HVAC unit while also creating less than ideal indoor air conditions. HVAC air filters require regular replacement and ideally should be changed out once a month—even more if you have pets or if one of your family members suffers from a respiratory condition.

Capacitors, Contactors, and Wiring

Malfunctioning capacitors, contactors, motors, and fans, as well as electrical wiring issues, are responsible for over 80 percent of all HVAC service calls. Capacitors and contractors are some of the most heavily used parts in your AC unit. Constant wear and tear on electrical parts, along with extreme heat, which dries out and degrades the plastic insulation around wires, means problems are bound to come up over time.

Evaporator Coils

Here’s the dirt on evaporator coils. Over time, they get covered with dust and grime which reduces their effectiveness. Cleaning the evaporator coils on a twice-yearly basis is the solution to the problem. Rust and corrosion can cause tiny pinholes in the sealed system, which will allow refrigerant to escape into the air. Low refrigerant causes your AC unit to work harder and ultimately can cause it to break down.

Blower and Fan Motors

The fan in your AC system keeps the air moving and runs constantly throughout Arizona’s extended summer. Depending on the age of your air conditioner, it’s only a matter of time before an AC fan may require adjustment, lubrication or sometimes, the fan motors simply burn out. If that happens, give us a call immediately.

If you forgot to schedule HVAC servicing before summer began, it’s never too late to call. If you’ve noticed ongoing or new issues with your AC unit, don’t hesitate to give our professionals a call today. Call Cool Blew at 623-872-2900 to schedule your appointment. We’re the coolest team around!