Advantages and Disadvantages of Touchless Kitchen Faucets

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Thinking about a plumbing upgrade for your kitchen? You’ve seen them in restaurant bathrooms most everywhere in Arizona—touchless faucets. They save time and effort by simplifying cleaning. These technological wonders deliver a stream of water anytime motion is detected. How do these faucets work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of installing them in your kitchen by your local plumber?

How Do Touchless Faucets Work?

Touchless faucets have a sensor positioned usually at the base of the faucet. When you move your hand or even a pot or plate in front of the infrared detector, the sensor sends a signal to the solenoid valve, turning water on or off.

Advantages of Touchless Faucets

Hands Free

Whether you have dirty hands or hands full, you only need to place your hands close to the sensor to begin the flow of water. Less spreading of germs and food debris on faucets.

Saves Water

No water is wasted because the faucet turns off when there’s nothing in front of the sensor. The sensor takes three seconds or less to send a signal to shut off the water. Better for the environment and your monthly water bill, as you’ll save hundreds of gallons over a few years.


No need to reach for knobs or handles. Easy to use for all family members and automatic water temperature and flow settings.

Easier Cleaning

The spray head with a pull-down feature allows you to utilize the faucets’ stronger water flow to quickly clean dishes and cookware with less mess.

Disadvantages of Touchless Faucets

Sensor Malfunction

Since these faucets are activated by motion sensors, having too few sensors or low-quality sensors means the faucet won’t quickly turn on or off, leading to a frustrating situation.


Generally more expensive than standard faucets and the solenoid or valve can stop functioning properly over time.

Flow Rate

It can be difficult to change the water flow rate or temperature. You’ll have to touch different areas of the faucet, or for some models, use a remote control.

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