Air Conditioning Dilemmas: Is Your Cool Air Going Out the Window?

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As spring training gets underway and homeowners prepare for another blistering summer in Phoenix, DST seems like a good idea. No, not daylight savings time. DST – Demand a Spring Tune-up for your air conditioner and have our expert professionals perform a home energy assessment to see where you might be losing precious cool air. Your air conditioning system uses a tremendous amount of electricity to cool down the hot desert air. In summer, up to 60 percent of your monthly energy bill can be attributed to your air conditioner. It’s an unfortunate fact that many Arizona AC systems are working overtime cooling the great outdoors due to cold air escaping through substandard window and door seals, leaky ducts and lack of proper home insulation. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your air conditioner is working efficiently to cool your home:

  • Lack of Proper Ceiling Insulation Can Cause Your Electric Bill to Go Through the Roof
    In Arizona, many home air conditioning units are located on the roof. During the summer, in the heat of the day, roof temperatures can exceed 140 degrees. Without proper insulation, your attic can be a major factor in contributing to inefficient cooling and cold air loss. When your attic is super-heated it affects the temperature throughout your entire house. Air conditioning ducts in the ceiling are warmed by the surrounding hot air and reduce the overall efficiency of your AC system, which means your air conditioner uses more electricity and your bill goes through the roof.

  • Leaking Ducts
    Generally speaking, air conditioning ducts are out of sight, out of mind. However, they are crucial to the delivery of cold air throughout your home. If you’ve got leaks in your duct system, that means cold air is escaping into thin air. One of the most common areas for leaking ducts is in the attic. Over the years, we have seen many duct disasters including ductwork that was improperly installed when the house was built or (even worse) ducts that have been damaged by repairmen working on other issues in your home such as wiring or other home repairs. If your ducts have been neglected for years, this spring might be the right time for duct inspection.

  • Don’t Forget Where the Heat Pours In
    Once you’ve checked your windows and doors for proper seals and insulation, don’t forget – cold air not only goes out, heat pours in from large, south facing picture windows and patio doors. Proper window treatments and sun block curtains or heavy blinds help insulate Arizona homes and keep the sun from heating up your home.

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