Air Conditioning for Your New House or an Addition to Your Home

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Population in the Southwest has grown tremendously over the last four decades. The Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metropolitan area now has over 4.7 million people. In fact, just last year 25,000 new residents moved into Phoenix, bringing the total population to 1.7 million, making Phoenix the fifth largest city in the United States. New home construction is everywhere. Building and development is a way of life. If you’re in the exciting process of building a new home or if you are adding a significant addition to your existing home, there’s one crucial element of design that doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves. In Arizona, air conditioning is crucial to the enjoyment of a living space. However, it’s not always a top priority during the design and planning phase, especially for home additions.

Air Conditioning Is Crucial

When it comes to construction, architects and builders know, it’s visuals and design that sells a project. Less visible details, such as air conditioner location, duct work and vent placement can be seen as secondary. However, the extreme desert heat means your air conditioner is not only crucial for comfortable living, it’s also something you pay dearly for in terms of monthly utility bills. Poor planning and design can lead to sub-standard or inefficient cooling which may mean paying more to cool your home or addition. Here are a few HVAC points to consider in planning your new home or addition:

  • Get the HVAC Experts (That’s Us) Involved Early in the Design Process

    Of course we believe air conditioning should be a top priority for your home – it’s what we do! However, day in and day out we find ourselves repairing or re-engineering mistakes made by builders who are not qualified to design HVAC systems. That is especially true for room or wing addition projects. Get us involved early in the design process, before you get to final plans.

  • Options for Room Additions

    There are generally three options for master suites or room additions. They include utilizing and extending your current system, upgrading to a new, larger air conditioner or adding an independent system. A load calculation will need to be performed and your current system should be thoroughly assessed.

  • Schedule an HVAC Inspection and Consultation

    Whether you’re involved in building a new house or putting an addition on your existing home, scheduling an HVAC expert to meet with you will give you peace of mind going forward in your project. We deal with the results of poor HVAC planning every day. When it comes to properly cooling your home, knowledge and experience make a huge difference.

We’ll Help You Achieve the Best HVAC Solutions for Your New Home or Addition

Building a new home or overseeing an addition is a huge undertaking. For the comfort of your family, make sure air conditioning is a priority right from the start – not an afterthought. Our experienced professionals will provide you with the information you need and help you every step of the way. Why not call us today?