Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

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A person adjusting the control panel of a water heater.

Few things are more frustrating than running out of hot water right in the middle of a shower. For Valley of the Sun homeowners tired of waiting for traditional tanks to slowly reheat after running dry, switching to tankless water heating offers an enticing alternative. Freed from the size constraints and energy issues plaguing conventional water heater designs, tankless models provide a steady flow of instant hot water on demand. Let’s learn about the top perks of going tankless.

Unlimited Hot Water

Tankless systems heat pressurized water directly without storage as it flows through heating elements or burners. This eliminates annoying lukewarm showers or smaller model limitations on baths, laundry, and cleaning. You’ll be able to enjoy long steamy showers and fill that soaking tub without worrying about your hot water supply running out. Newer construction and larger homes with many household members can benefit from the endless hot water supply by installing two tanks.

Energy Savings

Heating water only on demand rather than maintaining a standing tank’s temperature 24/7 will substantially cut your monthly utility bills. Highly efficient modulating burners and advanced heat exchangers make tankless models much more economical than even energy-efficient storage tank heaters. The reduction in standby heat losses lets tankless systems achieve efficiency ratings around 95-99% compared to 75-80% for traditional tank heaters.

Simple Maintenance

Lacking an inner tank susceptible to mineral buildup and corrosion, you’ll discover tankless heaters require far less complicated maintenance over their lengthy lifespan. No anode rods need replacing either. Just an annual vinegar flush of the heating components and inspection of key parts is all that’s required in areas with moderately hard water like Phoenix metro.

Compact Design

Eliminating a bulky storage tank trimmed with insulation means tankless water heaters occupy a fraction of the space. Their sleek, wall-mounted design even allows convenient indoor positioning. Smaller models can easily be tucked into a master bathroom closet while larger whole-home versions can be placed in a garage.

Ready for Endless Hot Water Without the Tank

Are you tired of cold-water showers or running low on hot water for your household? The combination of endless flow on demand, smaller size, reduced energy appetite, less maintenance, and superior longevity makes the decision to install a tankless water heater an easy one. 

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