Best AC Settings for Distance Learning and Working from Home

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While it has been more than two years since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us still are working and learning from home. If this sounds like you or a family member, your home’s indoor temperature is an important consideration. Too hot or too cold can quickly translate into a drop off of productivity. While optimized indoor temperatures might not be top-of-mind, it’s vitally important for work and school success. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to properly regulate indoor temps.

Best AC Settings

Here’s a cool idea to help keep costs down all summer long without having to crank up your thermostat settings. Both the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program recommend 78 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal cooling and energy efficiency comfort when you’re at home and awake. Investing in a smart or programmable thermostat is the easiest way to match your cooling needs to your family’s daily schedule, yet still allowing you to adjust temperatures manually to suit your situation.

The EPA suggests increasing the thermostat temperature by four degrees when you’re sleeping. Of course, not everyone finds those awake and sleeping temperatures comfortable. According to a Consumer Reports national survey in 2021, the average temperature that Americans keep their thermostats set to is 71 degrees during daytime and nighttime hours. If your family is less heat tolerant to the suggested AC settings, try lowering the thermostat one degree at a time. Allow your AC system time to optimize your home to the new setting before ratcheting the thermostat down another degree or two.

When you’re away from home, depending on whether you have furry pets or heat sensitive plants and home furnishings, you can try raising the thermostat to 85 degrees. You can utilize the smart thermostat’s smartphone app to adjust thermostat temps on the fly in case you’ll be returning home earlier than planned.

It’s best during the summer in Arizona to avoid using your washer, dryer, and oven during the heat of the day, because usage during this time means your AC unit needs to work longer to keep indoor temperatures cool and comfy.

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