Air Conditioning Smells to Be Concerned About

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Smelling something other than clean, fresh air blowing out of your AC vents? There are several causes for unusual scents emanating from your air conditioning system.

Electrical Burning Odors

An electrical burning smell will immediately get your attention. This odor may be serious and requires turning off your AC system at the circuit breaker and calling for AC service. Issues with wiring, an overheating motor, or a malfunctioning fan blade are some of the common causes. Keep in mind that wires, fans, or motors burning can cause extensive damage if ignored.

Mildew Smells

Mold and mildew thrives in dark, damp, cool environments. Your air conditioner’s drainage lines and pans provide just the right places for mildew to grow. Your air conditioning system works by removing excess heat and humidity from the air inside your home. When this condensation pools outside, it will smell like dirty socks!

In Arizona, homeowners most commonly notice this odor when they first turn on their air conditioners in late winter or early spring. However, moisture can build up in your HVAC system any time of the year. Another serious issue with excess moisture is it can lead to mold growth, which can be a serious issue when it comes to your family’s health. Whole home dehumidifiers can help by removing moisture from your home’s indoor air. Call your local pros to investigate where the smell is coming from and how it’s impacting your home’s AC system and inside air quality.

Stinky Trash Smell

A rotting critter that has died in your air conditioning system will result in a smell difficult to ignore. Rats, mice, and other furry friends can unfortunately invade HVAC ducts and even living critters can lead to foul smells inside. Turn off your AC unit and open your windows for ventilation. Contact your local HVAC technicians or pest company immediately.

Poor Ventilation

Stuffy air can be caused by a lack of fresh air circulating in your HVAC system. When your house is not properly ventilated, the reduction in circulation can cause poor indoor air quality and foul odors. This is the time to count on your local HVAC pros to service your AC system.

Is Your AC Failing the Smell Test?

A wide variety of smells can be associated with your AC system. Many of these odors are best tackled by the experts at Cool Blew. When you need to know the cause of a foul odor, call the Cool Blew professionals at 623-872-2900.