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An Air Conditioner Service is Not Only the Key to Comfort but the Key to Savings

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An Air Conditioner Service is Not Only the Key to Comfort but the Key to SavingsAcross the United States, air conditioner services are constantly running to keep homes comfortable. According to the Energy Information Administration, 85% of homes in the South use central air conditioning. In the Western United States, 38% of homes keep their central air systems working all summer long. Comfort, it seems, is a hot commodity that every American wants to take advantage of.

Having said that, many Americans would be surprised to know that using a heating and AC repair company is not only a great way to improve their home’s comfort year round, but can also cut their home energy costs. According to Carbon Rally, Americans spend, on average, $280 a year to cool their homes. This number naturally changes, based on the geographic location. Wherever they may live, Americans can rely on their air conditioning services to cut their energy bill in three main ways. Continue reading

Energy Costs for A/C Getting Too Expensive?

Energy Costs for AC

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, nearly 68% of United States households utilize central air conditioning. The U.S. is home to a wide range of climates, from frigid to sweltering, that give us all the need to condition our air to our liking. However, this need to be comfortable has to be balanced with the need to meet rising energy costs.

Carbon Rally statistics show that the average American spends almost $300 a year on air conditioning. Although the EIA shows that coal production in the States is at an all-time high, reducing our electricity costs temporarily, as time goes on fossil fuels are set to become only more expensive; this fact will play out in our energy bills, according to the BBC. Americans looking to save money on air conditioning should consider the following tips and tricks for reducing their heating and cooling costs all year round.
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