Can Spray Foam Insulation Really Save You Money?

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Can Spray Foam Insulation Save You Money-Peoria InsulationYour home’s insulation is like an extra layer of skin, shielding you from the elements and acting as a barrier to unwanted air leakage.

Or at least that’s what it is supposed to do. All too often, gaps, holes, breaks, warps, uncovered nooks, unreached corners and unseen crevices compromise your insulation’s integrity.

The average American home loses 20-30 percent of its heated or cooled air to leakage. Consequently furnaces and air conditioners have to work overtime to catch up with the losses – while you have to work overtime to make enough money to pay your bloated energy bills.

But there is a remedy. With the help of spray foam insulation, the holes, gaps and breaks that allow air to escape and as well as sneak in and prevent your insulation layer from performing optimally, can be filled, thus allowing you to save on your heating and cooling bills over time.

How Spray Foam Works And Its Benefits

Spray foam insulation starts in liquid form, but after it is applied it expands and flows to fill or cover any exposed areas adjacent to the original spray area. This means it only has to be distributed in the vicinity of the cracks, crevices, nooks, crannies and corners it is supposed to cover and not directly into them, which eliminates access problems that prevent other types of insulation from being installed in hard-to-reach places.

No matter how large or small the hole or gap, spray foam insulation can be applied anywhere that air might be able to enter or exit a home. After it hardens spray foam insulation will merge with the existing insulation layer to form an impenetrable wall of resistance to unwelcome air flow.

In addition to its usefulness for indoor climate control, spray foam insulation also helps stop rodent and insect invasions, reduces contamination by airborne pollen during allergy season and prevents water leaks that can cause mold, mildew and wood rot.

Cautions Regarding Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation isn’t hazardous once it hardens. But in its liquid form it is caustic and must be applied with extreme caution. Gloves, boots, face masks with respirators and protective clothing that covers every square inch of the body are absolute requirements, and the tanks that hold the spray foam must be handled with the utmost care.

Because of the potential risks, DIY installation of spray foam insulation is not recommended. Professional installation is strongly advised.

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