Don’t Let These Household Issues Spoil Your Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for enjoying a delicious, home cooked meal with family and friends. But one of the busiest cooking days of the year can become a stressful situation where you’re in immediate need of an electrician, plumber, or HVAC professional. One bad decision can lead to a backed-up kitchen sink, garbage disposal not grinding, clogged toilet, broken heater, or an electrical emergency. These are just some of the common issues that may happen on the day you least want problems! Let’s help prepare you to avoid these Thanksgiving disasters.

No Heat

Thanksgiving family and friends have arrived. Suddenly, the heat stops working on a chilly late afternoon. Make certain the air filter has been replaced if it’s dirty, that the thermostat is set to “heat.” Next, check the electrical breaker box to make sure the circuit breaker for the heater hasn’t been tripped. Still not working? Give Cool Blew a call.

Electrical Outlets Overloaded

Family and guests may be charging their phones, the stove and oven are both on, the dishwasher is running, and you turn on the Cuisinart mixer to mash potatoes. Suddenly, the mixer stops working. Most likely, the culprit is a tripped GFCI outlet in the kitchen shutting power off to the mixer. Simply press the red reset button and the mixer will be ready to go. A blown fuse is another possibility. Can’t figure it out? Call Cool Blew.

Garbage Disposal Clogged or Kitchen Sink Backed Up

Your Thanksgiving dinner usually requires at least the entire day to prepare dishes for the feast. Sometimes during food prep and doing the dishes, food scraps that should have been thrown in the garbage can end up in the sink and down the garbage disposal. Fatty liquids like turkey gravy, potato peels, and leftover food off plates can turn the sink and disposal into a trash can.

Often, these items cannot be easily ground up by the garbage disposal blades, causing the disposal to stop working. Liquid and food may backup into the sink creating a real mess. To prevent this from happening, position a garbage bag or garbage can in an area near the sink where everyone can quickly scrape food off their plate. If something like a turkey bone has ended up stuck in the garbage disposal jamming the blades, the quickest fix is to insert a hex (Allen) wrench in the bottom of the disposal. Or, give Cool Blew a call.

Toilet Overflowing

Depending on the number of guests for your holiday meal, the toilet can be flushed four to six times the normal usage. All that flushing and toilet paper used can cause the toilet to clog and potentially overflow. Make certain that a trash can is placed nearby so guests don’t toss anything that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet. About 90% of the time, the quickest DIY fix is to use the handy toilet plunger to unclog it. If that doesn’t work, you can count on Cool Blew.

Call Cool Blew

If you do find yourself dealing with a drain or toilet that won’t unclog, a heater not blowing out warm air or an electrical outage, call your Valley of the Sun professionals for the fast, reliable service you deserve, any day of the year, at any time, even on the Thanksgiving holiday. Call Cool Blew at 623-872-2900 for servicing and repairs.