How To Estimate The Cost Of A Solar Power System

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How To Estimate The Cost Of A Solar Power System-CoolBlewYou have many things to consider when making the decision to switch to solar power. You must weigh the cost of installation against the benefits of having access to a cheaper power source.

As with any home improvement project, it is important to factor in how the project affects your overall property value.

Learn how to estimate the cost of a solar power system.

Ways To Estimate The Cost Of A Solar Power System

Look at your electricity bill to find out how many kilowatt hours your household uses per year, per month, and per day. If you are building a new home, you need to record the power rating of your appliances in watts. You can find this information on a sticker or nameplate attached to each appliance. Estimate the number of hours per day you use the appliance and multiply that figure by the number of watts.

Your system design and cost will depend on where you live. Factors that affect a photovoltaic (method of converting solar energy to electricity) system’s performance include the number of sun peak hours, the temperature effect on the solar cells and the inverter’s ability to convert solar energy efficiently. A photovoltaic system from 1 kilowatt to 5 kilowatts will work for most homes.

Tying the system to the existing power grid allows you to supplement your energy needs without having to rely completely on solar power. This also gives you the flexibility of adding a small system to start with and expanding it as your budget allows.

You will need to decide where to install your photovoltaic panels. An ideal place is an area that receives the most sunlight. To determine how large an array you need , you can figure that one square foot of space will yield approximately 10 watts. This number varies slightly depending on what type of PV model you purchase.

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