Protecting Your HVAC System During an Arizona Monsoon Storm

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Although monsoon season officially started on June 15th, we still are awaiting the dramatic conditions that come with this annual weather phenomenon. With humidity now finally starting to creep upwards and tall cloud formations building in the afternoon sky, we’re likely to begin seeing those monsoon storms, here in Phoenix, very soon.

While these storms are exciting to watch, they can wreak havoc on your HVAC system if you’re unprepared. So, we wanted to provide you with some timely tips as we enter this wild and wooly time of year.

Stock Up On Air Filters

High amounts of dust and other contaminants and particulates circulate through the air during summer storms in the Valley. And they can end up being sucked into your home and through your HVAC filter. To ensure clean indoor air quality throughout the summer, get into the habit of replacing your filter at least every 30 days. Choose a pleated filter that offers increased surface air to collect the maximum amount of debris.

Add a Surge Protector

With summer monsoon storms, lightning strikes can cause electrical surges that can trip your home’s circuit breaker and even kill power to your air conditioner. With a surge protector for your air conditioner, you can protect your breaker, your AC unit and eliminate a costly service call to get everything back up and running.

Clean Up the Yard

Winds often exceed 50 miles per hour during an Arizona summer storm, sending tree branches and loose debris flying. If they get blown into your air conditioning unit, they can damage the rather delicate coils that surround it. As we’re entering the thick of monsoon season, take some time to look around your yard for overgrown landscaping and loose items that can potentially go airborne. And remove them!

Call for Maintenance

Although monsoon storms can bring some relief from triple digit temperatures, it’s still very hot. In other words, you’ll still be relying on your air conditioner for many months to come. So, if you haven’t already, call for preventive maintenance to ensure your air conditioner is up to the challenge of keeping you and your loved ones cool and comfortable.

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