Spring Cleaning and Your HVAC System

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Spring is just around the corner – making it the ideal time to renew and refresh your home. Along with scrubbing down floors, cabinets and counters, you don’t want to forget your HVAC system. Starting the season with a tuned-up air conditioner with clean vents and filter ensures you’re ready for when temperatures begin to climb.

Here are the steps to spring clean your HVAC system:

Start with the Filter

Let’s face it. The desert is dusty. If you live in Phoenix or any of the surrounding cities, you’re likely battling dust on a daily basis. Well, that dust doesn’t just collect on your coffee table. It also finds its way into your HVAC system. This is why you want to regularly replace your system filter. A clean filter not only helps to collect dust and other particulates from entering your indoor air, it enables your system to work efficiently.

Clean the Condenser

And all this dust, dirt and debris doesn’t just enter in your house, it also collects inside your air conditioner’s condenser. Fortunately, it can be easily cleaned. Simply turn off the system and remove the motor cover to gain access to the fan and coil. Remove debris, like leaves, grass, dirt and dust. If the condenser is really dirty, don’t be tempted to wash it with water. This can create mud that can clog the system. Instead, use a condenser coil cleaner available at most home improvement or hardware stores.

Evaluate the System

With a clean filter and condenser, it’s time to check the system. Turn it on by flipping the thermostat to the cool setting and lowering the temperature. Carefully listen for how long it takes and for any unusual sounds. If it doesn’t start quickly check to make sure your air conditioner is plugged in. If it doesn’t start or if it’s making unusual sounds, call Cool Blew for further evaluation.

Make Time for a Tune Up

Regularly scheduled tune ups on your HVAC equipment are essential for preserving your investment. With a seasonal tune up, you can keep your system running efficiently and identify issues before they turn into big problems.

Call Cool Blew today to schedule your spring cleaning HVAC system tune up and prevent unexpected air conditioning problems this year.