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How Office Temperature Affects Your Productivity

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How Office Temperature Affects Your Productivity-Cool BlewThere are many factors that contribute to worker productivity. One of the factors that is often overlooked or underestimated is the role that office temperature plays in overall employee productivity.

Many believe that working with temperatures that are comfortable can make a worker productive, however people also underestimate the difference that a few degrees can make to staff productivity. Continue reading

What Are The Benefits Of Better Indoor Air Quality For Businesses?

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Benefits Of Better Indoor Air Quality For Businesses-CoolBlewThe word “pollution” tends to conjure images of city smog, exhaust from vehicles, and other outdoor hazards. People forget that the air they breathe indoors is not always the cleanest or safest either. In fact, indoor air pollution may be up to five times worse than what we encounter outside.

The common culprits in a business environment include dust, paint, mold, and other allergens. The presence of volatile organic compounds or VOCs like phthalates and formaldehyde make things even worse. Businesses should implement measures to reduce VOCs and ensure that the HVAC system is able to filter contaminants. Giving proper attention to indoor air quality (IAQ) results in the following benefits: Continue reading