What Are They All About: Water Filtration Systems

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Ever experience a “funny” taste or smell to the water pouring out of your tap? Depending on where you live in the greater Phoenix area, your drinking water may have taste, water hardness, or odor variations. If you moved to Greater Phoenix from a region with great tasting tap water, the City of Phoenix tap water may not be up to your standards. Don’t worry. The water is safe to drink! And drinking plenty of water is a must during our hot weather season running from April to October.

Generally, before autumn arrives, algae and minerals start accumulating in the rivers where the tap water for Phoenix originates. The water is filtered and treated many times before reaching your home, yet the taste or smell doesn’t always go away completely. That’s why the water can develop an odor or a bad taste.

The City of Phoenix Water Services Department conducts over five million tests and measurements each year throughout its treatment and distribution systems. The water is analyzed using state of the art equipment and laboratories. Phoenix continues to improve water aesthetics using carbon during treatment, highly advanced water monitoring and sampling techniques, blending of Central Arizona Project (CAP) and Salt River Project (SRP) water, and canal brushing by SRP to lessen taste and odor-causing harmless algae.

Select the Best Water Filtration System

Although you can find pitcher filter systems and bottled water everywhere, a whole-home water filtration system is your most convenient and affordable option in the long run When evaluating the best filtration system for your house, there are several system options to consider:

  • Carbon filters use carbon to ensure your water tastes chemical-free.
  • Reverse osmosis systems make water safer to drink by transferring it from a high ion concentration to a low ion concentration.
  • Water softeners with no-salt conditioners remove minerals like calcium and magnesium, increasing the lifespan of your appliances.
  • Bacteria and toxin shields ensure your water is safe to drink.

Installing a water filtration system also helps protect our environment by eliminating the need to purchase water bottles. With plastic accounting for a substantial percentage of environmental pollution, a home water filtration system is a great way to decrease your family’s carbon footprint.

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