What You Should Know about Garbage Disposals

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One of the most useful gadgets in your kitchen is your garbage disposal. Rather than scraping every bit of food into the trash can, you can grind it up in the disposal. You probably don’t think too much about this kitchen appliance until it stops working. There’s a long list of items not to put in the garbage disposal. Here’s the scoop on some of those items to avoid and ways to keep your garbage disposal running in tip-top shape.

Hands and Fingers Out

Keeps your hand and fingers out of the disposal. Drop something in the disposal that shouldn’t be in it? Never put your hand in. Items like coins, broken glass, or kitchen implements should be fished out using tongs after you’ve unplugged the disposal. If you’re ever in doubt, call your handy local plumber.

Keep Out Rice, Potato Peels, Eggshells, and Celery

Rice expands when it’s in the drain, celery is excessively stringy, eggshells, and potato peels can all cause the disposal blades to lock up. These items are difficult for the disposal to break down. Best to toss in the garbage can or mulch pile.

Keep the Water Running

Always run water when you’re using the garbage disposal. Food is ground up by the blades and water helps flush it down the disposal. Running water keeps food from sticking around on the garbage disposal sides and stinking up the kitchen.

No Bones

Even if the garbage disposal is rated to grind up bones, hard bones should be thrown in the garbage can. Animal bones are strong and most bones other than soft bones such as fish and chicken, will clog up the disposal.

Grease, Oil, and Fat

Tossing oil, fat, and grease down the disposal will end up catching all the food waste coming through after, eventually causing a clog. These three offenders will solidify in the plumbing. In any case, run cold water at all times when running the garbage disposal.

Meat and Poultry Skin

Put all meat skin in the garbage can. Meat skins are rubbery and filled with a lot of fat. They’re hard to grind up and will lead to smelly clogs.

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