Common HVAC Issues in Phoenix

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Daily temperatures in the Valley of the Sun during the summer are usually either hot, very hot, or extremely hot. Too often, air conditioning systems develop problems during the season which must be dealt with quickly and professionally. No homeowner wants to be without their HVAC unit in the summer, so let’s explore two of the most common problems affecting HVAC systems and how to deal with them.

Thermostat-related Problems

Air conditioning systems are built to operate automatically with minimal maintenance. The thermostat’s main role is switching the HVAC system between heating and cooling. When the thermostat is faulty, it can lead to overheating or excessively cool rooms.

Any type of thermostat is subject to dust, dirt, and grime problems. And Arizona homes are notorious for dust, no matter how well they are sealed or how frequently they are cleaned. It’s important to note that the buildup of dust around the contact points can cause problems even with smart thermostats.

As well, with some newer HVAC thermostats, when the power goes out to your home, there may be issues with certain types of thermostat memory chips losing their programmable settings. Frequent adjustment, low batteries, or dead batteries on thermostats that use them, and mechanical damage from impact also can be responsible for issues associated with malfunctioning thermostats. Make sure to have extra AA or AAA batteries on hand in case of battery malfunctions.

Coolant Problems

The cooling system in air conditioners works on the same engineering principle as refrigerators. On older HVAC units, coolant runs through the evaporator and condenser, absorbing and carrying away heat to the outside. If this coolant leaks, cooling will not take place, and your home will get hot. A good indicator of coolant problems are abnormal temperature spikes that occur when the temperature outside gets hotter. The air conditioning system may be running but the temperature of the room may not be dropping to the desired level. While this may also indicate a faulty thermostat, the level of the coolant in your air conditioner needs to be checked. This is when you need to call the professionals to inspect your HVAC system.

At Cool Blew, we specialize in HVAC preventative maintenance and repair. Regular maintenance helps improve the efficiency of your cooling system and helps to minimize summer breakdowns and repairs. Valley of the Sun residents can count on Cool Blew to meet your cooling and heating needs year-round. Call us today at 623-872-2900.