Why You Should Be Considering Solar Energy In 2014

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Why You Should Be Considering Solar Energy in 2014

Considering Solar Energy?

More and more homeowners are choosing to go solar to be both more environmentally-friendly and to save on their monthly utility bills. In the last several years, solar technology has advanced substantially, and the costs for solar installations has dropped significantly.

Cost Effective

The good news for homeowners is that solar panels are being manufactured quicker and cheaper than ever. In fact, the cost of a photovoltaic panel has dropped more than $6.00 a watt in the last 30 years.

Greater Efficiency

These panels have also become more efficient. Silicon-based photovoltaic panels can now convert about 40% of the sun’s energy into electricity. This is compared to 12% in recent years.

Incentives And Tax Breaks

The government encourages homeowners to consider solar by offering a substantial tax credit which reduces the cost of a system by 30%. This tax credit is currently set to expire on December 31, 2016, so it definitely makes sense to take advantage of solar now and to not wait! The state of Arizona also offers a 25% tax credit (maximum of $1,000) on solar devices installed on a home.

Increased Home Value

In a CNN Money study of the value of solar installations, it was found that homes with solar panels have increased value – sometimes in excess of $20,000. When you combine this with the monthly savings on energy, solar energy is a very sound investment for a homeowner to make.

Energy Reliability

A solar power system combined with a battery backup that charges with the system provides the highest level of reliability. With solar, you don’t have to worry about blackouts and brownouts when a grid fails.

At Cool Blew, we encourage you to call us to get a free estimate for solar panels. If you’re ready to increase the value of your home and get 100% return on your investment, now is the time to consider solar. There are federal, state, and local incentives, too. Call us today to schedule your appointment.