At Cool Blew, Inc., we’re always looking for ways to help you save on your monthly power bills in Arizona. This is why our reliable home energy services go well beyond offering to upgrade your air conditioning and heating units to more energy efficient models.

When looking at home energy companies in Phoenix, keep in mind that Cool Blew has the depth of resources to help you maximize the energy efficiency of your abode. Our technicians are well-trained to thoroughly inspect your home for areas of concern regarding energy waste, and then they put their knowledge to use on the latest HVAC and related products that will help bring your house up to par.

If you’re ready for the best in home energy assistance in Peoria, AZ or Greater Phoenix, contact Cool Blew today.

Energy Audits for Greater Phoenix Homes

Home Energy Company – Peoria ArizonaYou’d be surprised at the number of air leaks in the average home that lead to energy waste and, thus, higher power bills. This is why our home energy company can perform a professional energy audit at any residence in the Greater Phoenix area. A home energy audit with Cool Blew, Inc. will bring to light any problem areas in your home that are causing an excess of energy usage. Also, our energy audits guarantee you’ll get your HVAC units thoroughly inspected to see if they’re running at the proper efficiency.

Homeowners have saved big bucks on their utility bills after getting an energy audit from Cool Blew and following our recommended upgrades and fixes, some of which the residents can perform on their own to save money.

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Home Insulation Services

Yes, you read that right. In addition to performing heating, cooling, plumbing, solar and electrical services, Cool Blew, Inc. also inspects existing insulation levels and installs state-of-the-art insulation in Greater Phoenix homes. Proper insulation means your house will retain cool air better in the summer and warm air better in the winter, thus saving you significantly on your monthly power bill.

Even if your home is already equipped with insulation, it may be outdated in quality or below modern recommended levels. If either or both situations apply to your home, our energy services company is your go-to local expert for high-quality, strategically placed insulation.

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KVAR Energy Controller Installation

Cool Blew, Inc. also offers a unique service that you won’t find among most HVAC contractors in the Phoenix area: the installation of KVAR Energy Controllers. This energy saving apparatus gets installed next to the electrical panel of a home and regulates the motor operations of all large appliances in use.

Not only does a KVAR Energy Controller improve the energy efficiency of a home, but it extends the life of appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioners, dishwashers, garage door openers and more. KVAR Energy Controllers come in various sizes. To see if your home would benefit from one and which size would work best, contact the home energy experts at Cool Blew.

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