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Have you ever walked by a window in the winter and felt a cool breeze coming from the outdoors? Can you see the sunlight on hot summer day shining in from underneath the door? Many people notice these common household occurrences without taking the time to realize the effect on their utility bills.

Cool Blew, Inc.’s home energy audit service will determine any and all leaks in your home. Windows and doors are typically the major culprits. However, Cool Blew’s audits are comprehensive and can determine other drains on the energy efficiency of your home.

What a Home Energy Audit Involves

Our home energy audits go well beyond determining which spots are leaking air. For instance, a Cool Blew audit will assess if your air conditioning and heating unit is running at proper efficiency for its age and capabilities. Without even realizing it, your system could be burning big bucks by not running at a proper efficiency!

Our energy audits can help you with important decisions like when to repair or replace your heating and cooling unit. Although the investment of new unit can seem daunting, you will be surprised at how quickly your utility savings can supersede the cost of your unit!

In total, our home energy audit service involves the following checkpoints:

  • Identifying hot and cold spots in your home
  • Checking for sufficient insulation
  • Seeking out air leaks in your windows, doors, attic, ductwork and more
  • Inspecting heating and cooling equipment

The Objective of Our Home Energy Audit Service

Many other HVAC companies offer home energy audits with the ulterior motive of pushing new products on you once the assessment has wrapped up. That’s not our objective at Cool Blew, Inc. Instead, our goal is bring awareness about how simple deficiencies in the home can be a drain on homeowners’ energy expenses. We also hope to empower them to take the necessary measures to make it better.

Although we certainly have a catalog of heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality products to shore up any major shortcoming a customer’s home might have, our energy audits typically produce a number of DIY tips that homeowners can execute on their own.

Customers have saved up to 30% on their utility bills following upgrades – performed by themselves or us – that were prescribed at the conclusion of a Cool Blew energy audit.  You’ll find that it’s usually just a series of quick and easy fixes in order to improve the energy efficiency of your home. But, you can’t know where to act next if you don’t have a professional perform a thorough assessment of your home first.

If you’re in Peoria or the Greater Phoenix area and wondering if your home is bleeding money on the energy front, request an energy audit from Cool Blew at your earliest convenience.

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