Insulation in Peoria, AZ

Insulation in PeoriaInsulation has many benefits when it comes to a home or commercial property’s energy efficiency and overall comfort. The purpose of insulation is to keep warm air out and cool air in during warm weather, and cool air out and warm air in during cold weather. It plays an important role in keeping your home energy-efficient, but it’s easy to take for granted. Cool Blew, Inc has the experience you can count on for insulation requirement assessment and installation. The well-trained insulation team at Cool Blew, Inc understands the value of completing insulation installation job on time, on budget, with the highest standards for safety and quality.

Benefits of Proper Insulation:

  • Lower energy bills
  • More comfortable, quieter living
  • Controls Moisture
  • Heat flow resistance
  • Warmer winters, cooler summers
  • Conserves energy

Residential Insulation Service in Phoenix, AZ

Does your home seem to get excessively hot and/or not retain cool air well? Are your energy bills excessive? Get on a ladder and stick your head into the attic to get an idea of what’s happening. What you should see is a continuous layer of insulation with no wood peeking out. If you see a lot of lumber, you don’t have enough insulation. The HVAC experts at Cool Blew, Inc can also determine if your home needs additional insulation and can advise you of the benefits you would expect to receive by adding insulation.

If your home experiences any of these problems, it might be a good candidate for attic insulation:

  • Drafty rooms
  • Hot or cold ceilings, walls, or whole rooms; uneven temperature between rooms
  • High heating or cooling bills

There’s no reason you need to shiver through the winter or roast in the summer. If your house doesn’t have enough insulation — common in homes built before 1980, when energy awareness began to take hold — bringing it up to current standards will make it more comfortable all year long. Plus, you’ll save anywhere from 10% to 50% on heating and cooling bills.

Increasing Home Insulation in Peoria, AZ

Generally, if insulation was installed more than 20 years ago, its effectiveness may have deteriorated, and it may need improving. If your home or property was built before 1984, it almost certainly needs more insulation. But newer homes in central and southern Arizona are insulated to ratings of R-30 to R-38 while newer homes in northern Arizona generally have attic insulation at R-60 because of colder winters. Those R-values, by the way, measure how effectively insulation resists heat flow into your cooled spaces below. And the recommended values come from building codes and the U.S. Energy Department.

Determining Value of Insulation

The HVAC insulation experts at Cool Blew, Inc can assist any homeowner or commercial property owner with determining the appropriate insulation needs to maximize energy cost savings while being a cost effective investment. The thickness of insulation is not necessarily an indication of its effectiveness.

On each type of insulation, a label states the R-value per inch, a measure of resistance to heat transfer. The bigger the number, the more effective the insulation. Where space is tight, such as within wall cavities, you need a high R-value per inch.

In an attic or under a floor, where there is more room, you can boost the insulation value of a lower-rated material simply by using a thicker layer. For example, thirteen inches of attic insulation really doesn’t tell you much.

What you really need to know is the R-value of the material. R-value measures resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the higher the resistance will be. If the insulation is blown fiberglass, that 13 inches may be R-30. If it’s cellulose, that 13 inches may be as much as R-45. Each material, and often each brand of the material, has a different R-value.

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