Energy Controller

Kvar Energy Controllers can optimize electrical systems in residential homes and commercial business, and produce a savings of 6% to 15% on Electric Bills

By installing a KVAR EC™ adjacent to your electrical panel you will be optimizing the way all motors operate in your home. This means that all motors that allow your fridge, dishwasher, garbage disposal unit, microwave, clothes washing machine and dryer, furnace, thermo pump, air conditioner, pool pump, garage door opener and water pump to operate will work more efficiently, cooler and last longer. Heres what you need to know: A qualified electrician will come to your home to verify your homes Power Factor (PF) and do a quick inventory of the operating motors.

KVAR And Solar

Residential KVAR EC Installed with Solar

KVAR ECThe electrician will do this by using one of the patented PF sizing apparatus or a power quality meter to determine the average PF of your home. If that PF can be improved upon by using one of our KVAR EC™ models, the electrician will install the correct unit. Then the last check to be conducted by the electrician is the verification of the new averaged PF.

From that point onwards, all motors in your home will run efficiently. You are now saving energy every time motors are in operation. The energy saved will depend on the amount of motor load in your home.

Our KVAR Distributors guarantee a minimum of 6% savings on your energy bill. Get the best level of savings off your electric bill by using the best KVAR Energy Controller available in the marketplace. All our KVAR EC™ units are UL listed and CSA certified. There are 93 models for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Kvar Energy Controllers: Are an energy saving device designed to optimize electrical motors and reduce amperage and heat generation which results in a lower consumption of electricity.

Kvar Energy Controller’s Saves Money by:

  • Reducing monthly Electric bills by 6% to 15%.
  • Lowering overhead by increasing motor life.
  • Reducing machinery downtime, whereby industrial production is unaffected.

Energy Controller’s Improves the Environment by:

  • Reducing emissions of thousands of tons of harmful gases by decreasing the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Improving working conditions of industry employees by reducing noise and vibration of machinery.
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

Other Capabilities/ Features of Kvar Units:

  • Saves up to 50% of amps on AC induction motors.
  • Reduces heat and vibration of motors.
  • Reduces power surge of motors.
  • Ensures smooth start-up of motors.
  • Protects motors from voltage fluctuation.
  • Increases motor working performance.
  • Legally slows the power meter.
  • Increases power plant, generator, transmission and distribution line capacity.
  • Saves Natural Resources.
  • Carries $3 Million in product liability insurance.
  • 25 Year life expectancy.
  • Return on investment is Rapid.