Heat Pump Freezing Up? Here’s What To Do

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Heat Pump Freezing Up

The elements can take a toll on your HVAC unit and leave you scrambling to figure out what to do, but you do not need to let bad weather get you down or stress you out.

We here at Cool Blew Inc., are here to help you understand the issue of your heat pump freezing, what may be going on, and how to troubleshoot the problem.

How A Heat Pump Works To Prevent Freeze Ups

In the chilly winter months, you may begin to notice a bit of ice or frost accumulating on your unit’s outer coils. This is a normal part of your unit’s operation. Designed to function against the elements, your pump senses frost or ice and then begins to shift to a cooling mode.

This shift in operation sends countering refrigerant back through chilly coils. Meanwhile, a hot refrigerant speeds through your outer coils. This process eliminates the problem by causing the ice to melt.

During this time, a secondary heat keeps your home warm and when the problem is addressed, your unit returns to normal. This system defrost keeps your heat going through the cold winter months.

What A Qualified HVAC Tech Can Do

However, if your heat pump freezes up, it may indicate a bigger problem that needs addressing. A qualified and licensed technician can help you to get your unit running smoothly again and restore heat for a comfortable winter. Some of the things that can be checked for are fan motor issues, refrigerant levels, problematic defrost relay or reverse valve as well as thermostat, sensor and elevation problems.

What You Can Do

If your unit completely freezes up, shut it off and give us a call. If it has not reached this point, these troubleshooting steps can help you address the problem:

  • Replace air filters that appear dirty or clogged up.
  • Do a quick check of all your inside vents by moving furniture or other items that may be blocking their air flow.
  • Look outside and see if any gutters are leaking onto the unit.
  • Carefully move away any material that may be hindering airflow or causing outer coil blockage.

When your heat pump freezes and winter takes its toll on your unit, do not let a little chilly weather get you down. Cool Blew Inc. and our family of expert technicians pride ourselves on keeping you and your family comfortable through every changing season.

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