Home Plumbing: Don’t Sweat It

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Does it feel like it will not stop raining? Arizona’s monsoon season has been impressive so far, producing lots of water and an interesting plumbing dilemma – damp, dripping pipes. When your home’s pipes start dripping, that’s when the amount of precipitation may have gone a bit too far. Notice moisture on or around your plumbing, pipes, or fixtures? Keep reading.

Drip, Drip, Drip

Have a pipe in your home that’s dripping water? Yet when you examine the pipe closely, the pipe is not actually leaking. The dripping water could be caused by condensation, often referred to as sweating. Your pipes do not actually sweat, though. Pipes can collect moisture when the warm, moist air surrounding cold water pipes interact with one another. Voila! Condensation will result. On hot humid summer days in the Valley, cold water in your pipes will cool the air surrounding your pipes and condensation will form on the outside of your pipes. In simpler terms, this moist air is water vapor wanting to become water once again.

The downside is pipe sweating which can create damage to your house over time. Furniture, carpet, flooring, ceilings, and walls can be damaged from pooling water and mold, and may even increase the likelihood of a termite invasion.

Drying things Out

So, what do you do now? Take the cure! It’s as simple as insulating the sweating pipes. Just like your hot water tank is insulated with a blanket. Foam insulating pipes works the same way. If you’re a DIYer, there are self-adhesive or “drip tape” types of insulation at your local hardware store that adhere to pipes to prevent moisture. Make certain to wipe down the pipe and thoroughly dry it before applying the tape. Wind the pipe tape until it covers both fittings and pipe. Of course, beforehand turn off the water supply to the affected areas. Cutting water at the main source outside your home may be the easiest.

If you need to reduce humidity created by sweating pipes, use a portable dehumidifier. Depending on your HVAC system, you can turn on the thermostat setting to take care of this issue, too.

Whatever your plumbing issue is, your local experts at Cool Blew can fix it. Keep puddles outside where they belong. Call us today at 623-872-2900.