How Does a KVAR Unit Work?

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Before you ask about how a kVAR unit works, it’s essential to know a few things first. Let’s start by being clear about what kVAR is. That means talking about the power factor.

What is the power factor?

The term refers to the ratio between active power and apparent power. Apparent power is the power we supply and is also called kVA. Apparent power is then broken down into two types: active power, which is symbolized kW, and reactive power, which is symbolized with kVAR. Essentially, though, the power factor is the measure of how effective the incoming power in your electrical system will be.

What are kW and kVAR?

Active power—or kW—is the one that supplies the energy for heat, sound, motion, and light. Reactive power, on the other hand, is inductive and is the energy that powers magnetic fields that are essential in rotating equipment. So, if something in the equipment moves, it’s likely operating under the inductive load. These are often in the form of compressors, refrigerators, freezers, motors, washers, dryers, dishwashers, pool pumps, and computer fans along with furnace blow motors, air conditioning units, well pumps, ceiling fans, and more. Now that you’ve answered the question: what is kVAR?, the next thing you should know about is a kVAR unit.

What is a kVAR unit?

You already know what the power factor is and its ratio of working power to total or Apparent power. To understand that with greater ease, the higher the kVar percentage in your load, the lower the ratio of the kW to the kVA. The result is a poor power factor. That’s where a kVAR unit comes in. It essentially reduces the reactive power that is supplied by the Utility. With the unit in place, you get to effectively use your electricity, reducing the amount of energy supplied to your system.

What does a kVAR unit do?

It increases the power factor, allowing you to make optimum use of your electricity. That matters because the reduced energy consumption levels mean that you save on electricity and energy costs. Installing a kVAR unit, then, is a smart cost-saving measure, one that you’ll want to take advantage of, so you won’t need to pay more than you need to.

Where is a kVAR unit usually installed?

Both residential and commercial spaces can benefit from the installation of a kVAR unit. Any facility or location that has a circuit breaker panel that comes with breaker switches is a good candidate for it. However, homes or facilities that still rely on the old screen-in type of switch will need to upgrade their systems before they think about installing a kVAR unit.

How do you install the unit?

Look for a reputable installation service that offers kVAR unit installation assistance. It’s always ideal to rely on the expertise and knowledge of industry pros. With their help and guidance, you can rest easy in the background. You know you can trust them to get the job done and done right.