How Office Temperature Affects Your Productivity

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How Office Temperature Affects Your Productivity-Cool BlewThere are many factors that contribute to worker productivity. One of the factors that is often overlooked or underestimated is the role that office temperature plays in overall employee productivity.

Many believe that working with temperatures that are comfortable can make a worker productive, however people also underestimate the difference that a few degrees can make to staff productivity.

How Office Temperature Affects Productivity

There have been numerous studies carried out in an attempt to determine the optimal office temperature for workers across the board, however, the results have been met with debate, as was expected.

The majority of results concluded that the best office temperature for maximum productivity is between 70 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. However, a Cornell University study claimed that according to their research, the optimal office temperature on your commercial HVAC for overall staff productivity should be set at 77 degrees. Another organization from the British government claimed that their studies showed that 70% of workers were happy with an office temperature of 74 degrees.

Factors That Affect Employees’ Productivity And Comfort Level

It must also be noted that various factors play a role in the office temperature and it’s not quite as simple as setting a temperature on the dial and expecting employees to be content with it.

The season is one of the main factors that affect the office temperature. People tend to wear breathable and cooler clothing in summer so a warmer temperature would be optimal during this season, while people wear thicker and warmer clothing in winter to keep them warm, so the optimal temperature would be a bit cooler than it is in summer.

The age of employees should also be considered. As the older you get, the more prone to feeling cold, you become. Your employee’s weight should not be ignored when deciding what temperature should be set, as people with a higher body mass index feel warmer than those with a lower one.

People need to be comfortable in order to be productive. You may not be able to please everyone in the office, however, you can get as close to the optimal office temperature as possible, so that the majority of your staff is content.

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