HVAC Strategies to Prevent Hay Fever

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Hay fever season is here for an estimated 40 to 60 million Americans. If you’re one of the unlucky sufferers of this common condition, you’re probably already suffering from sneezing, sniffling, and itchy, watery eyes. Luckily, spring HVAC maintenance can remove many of the allergens that can cause symptoms of hay fever. Proper maintenance can remove pesky allergens like dust mites, mold, and pollen, helping you avoid irritating allergic symptoms. In fact, these common home contaminants found in your indoor air can be easily controlled.

Use high quality air filters

You know air filters are your first line of defense against poor air quality in your home. MERV is the filter industry standard. Filters with higher MERV ratings offer increased filtration. Look for MERV ratings of at least 8, with 20 being the highest rating. This will go a long way toward reducing indoor allergens. Replace air filters every month for best results. Dirty air filters not only will contribute to seasonal allergy symptoms, they also decrease HVAC system efficiency.

Clean the outdoor unit

The outdoor HVAC unit pulls in air circulating throughout your home. Airborne particles make the air in your home harder to breathe. Check for dust, dirt, and debris and clear it away from the unit frequently to keep allergens from being pulled into the system and entering inside.

Dust house vents

Even if you make it a habit to dust weekly you may forget to dust air return vents. Dust mites are the most common hay fever trigger, so cleaning your air ducts will get rid of dust mites and help reduce allergy and breathing symptoms. Cool air transported through air ducts can also lead to condensation and mold which is a major irritant for many allergy sufferers. Dust lingering in home vents and registers will blow throughout your home, so clean them on a regular basis. Use a damp or treated cleaning cloth to keep from kicking up dust particles and worsening your allergy symptoms.

Schedule an annual maintenance appointment

Spring allergy season is a great time to schedule HVAC maintenance.. Servicing by an HVAC professional will help reduce indoor allergens and ensure your system is healthy, and your air filtration system is dust and blockage free.

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