HVAC Tips: Ideas on Keeping Your House Cool

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The first day of summer is just around the corner. To be exact, summer arrives with the solstice on Sunday, June 20, 2021 at 8:32 p.m. Arizona time. It’s the longest day of sunshine hours and the shortest noontime shadow of the year! With all the optimal sunlight, keeping your house cool will be a priority. Here are a few tips from the HVAC experts at Cool Blew:

1. Keep your shades, blinds, or curtains closed during the day to keep direct sunlight out of your house. Install blinds on any windows or window doors without them to reflect the sun’s heat. You can even apply reflective window tint to keep you even more comfortable and save a bit of money on your energy bills.

2. Have a flat roof? Consider painting it white. The Climate Change Research Conference advises covering your roof with any of the available reflective white paints. These paints can reflect 80-90% of sunlight and protect your roof from UV light damage.

3. Don’t over cool your house. Every degree of cooling below 78 degrees can add six to eight percent to your monthly energy bill.

4. Keep the air moving in your house. Ceiling fans and portable fans help to increase air movement which increases evaporation from your skin, making the room you’re in feeling two to three degrees cooler than it is. Remember, ceiling fans help keep you cool, so there’s no reason to leave them on if you leave the room.

5. Buy an attic fan. Attic fans can reduce the heat in your attic, as well as the entire house. These devices operate using a thermostat, so they can automatically turn on and off. There are even solar-powered attic fans. An attic fan brings the attic space to match outside temperatures instead of having attic temperatures exceeding 150 degrees. Another added bonus is your air conditioner will not need to work as hard—saving you money.

6. Plant low water-use shade trees. Shade trees help to cool your house. The placement of shade trees is the key to energy savings. Planting trees on the south side and west side of your house provides the most energy benefits.

7. Add shade screens. Did you know 50% of the heat entering you home comes through your windows? Installing shade screens on east, west, and south facing windows may qualify for shade screen rebates with APS and SRP. Shade screens protect interior furniture from sun damage, reduce cooling costs, and provide privacy.

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