Is A Ductless Split System Right For Me?

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Is A Ductless Split System Right For Me-Cool Blew HeatingDuctless split systems have been around for a while but this type of system has recently been gaining in popularity.

Both traditional centralized systems and ductless split systems have their advantages. The appropriate choice depends on the circumstances and needs of each homeowner.

Here are a few questions to help determine if a ductless split system is right for you.

Questions To Ask To See If A Ductless Split System Is Right For You

Do You Have An Older Home?

Older homes tend to be built with thick walls and tight spaces that are not conducive to ductwork. Trying to install a traditional HVAC system in these structures will take quite a bit of planning and resources.

In contrast, split systems can be readily installed within the day in any of the rooms. The indoor and outdoor components can be separated by up to 50 feet without affecting much performance so it is easier to find ideal spots for each of them. They can be located in areas that are tucked away and free of any concerns.

Is The Noise Level Of Your Unit Important To You?

Compared to conventional heaters, ductless split system units run at lower speeds. Because of this, they are usually much less noisy. These units are great when someone wants a smaller sized-unit and less noticeable running operation.

Are You Concerned About Air Quality?

Ductwork from a traditional heating unit is prone to the accumulation of dirt and dust over time. These particles can mix into the air being circulated around the house. Residents can suffer from poor air quality, with some being more sensitive to it than others. Split systems do not have this kind of issue since they don’t run through long, dusty ducts.

Ask Your Heating And Cooling Experts!

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