Is Purchasing Solar Energy Panels Worth It?

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Is Solar Energy Worth It-Solar Panel Installation In Peoria-CoolBlewSolar panels can provide your home with energy for a very long time and are virtually maintenance-free. Provided the sun continues to shine, photovoltaic modules can provide power for decades. A solar power system consists of not only solar panels, but also batteries, regulators and inverters. The cost of these items and configuring the system can seem high, but the return you can see on your investment and the money you can save in the long run can definitely be worth it.

Fortunately, there are also programs designed to make the process of paying for and installing solar power systems easier for the average person. They include:

Programs Available To Help You Pay For Solar Power

Utility Solar Rebates / Government Incentives

Utility rebates from SRP and APS (and other companies like ED3 and TEP) are being offered to homeowners who change over to solar energy power. With these rebates, consumers can get a 30% federal tax credit. You can also receive a credit of $1,000 with the state of Arizona.

PPA Plans

A power purchase agreement can help you cut your monthly energy bill significantly over a period of 20 years. This is a very simple arrangement. Your solar power system gets installed in your home for free or at a low cost and you agree to pay for the power you use, just like your current electricity bill. One of the main benefits of a PPA is that you will continue to pay a lower rate for a greener, more reliable power source.

Affordable Financing

There are many financial institutions offering great deals on financing residential solar energy. This is beneficial for most of us who can’t afford the price upfront.

The Worth Of Purchasing Solar Energy Panels

Once your solar energy panels are paid for, you will be greatly profiting from the savings on your utility bills as well as the added value of worth to your home. See more great benefits of owning a solar system and check out our Solar Estimator to figure out how much you can save by having solar panels installed in your Arizona home!

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