Monsoon Season and Your Air Conditioning System

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Arizona monsoon season officially started June 15. Scattered rain and wind gusts reached the Valley of the Sun early, kicking off an active 2021 monsoon season.

These immensely powerful summer storms are the result of a change in wind patterns, using the desert Southwest’s summer heat to bring moist wind currents north from Mexico. This time of year, the Sonoran desert bursts into a flurry of billowing cumulonimbus clouds, towering thunderstorms, pelting rain and hail, and severe flooding. These impressive summer storms can be preceded by haboobs, “massive dust storms” in June, July, August, and early September. A surprise to homeowners new to Metro Phoenix! It’s not a dry heat in the summertime with humidity levels elevated. These spectacular, violent, and dangerous storms can knock down trees and powerlines, cause flash flooding, and even damage air conditioning units. Don’t underestimate the power of monsoon storms, especially while driving or walking outside. They can also wreak havoc on your air conditioning system. At Cool Blew, we believe an ounce of prevention before monsoon storms strike is a smart strategy for keeping your home both cool and safe.

Check Your AC System

Check your outdoor AC unit to ensure there are no obstructions, rocks, tree branches, or plants growing close to the unit. Make certain if flash flooding does happen in your neighborhood, your AC unit is out of reach of any pooling water. Some homeowners keep a tarp or cover on hand to protect their exposed air conditioner when monsoons hit. Wind whipped dust, driving hail, and rain can damage your AC unit. If you do cover your air conditioner for the storm, make sure the power is turned off before covering it.

Check Your AC Drainage Lines

Not only does your air conditioner system keep you and your family cool, it also acts as a dehumidifier and removes moisture from the air in your house. During Arizona’s monsoon season, there is a significant increase in humidity, which means more moisture in your home. It’s important that the water drain line is clear and unclogged, so you don’t have water backing up or pooling near your AC unit.

Your AC System Experts

Your air conditioning system is vital for the comfort of you and your loved ones. Cool Blew gets a deluge of calls during monsoon season about damage done to AC units by monsoon storms. Why not have your air conditioning system checked by one of our professionals before a storm hits? We also love to provide ways to increase AC system efficiency during the summer monsoon season. Call us today to schedule a monsoon check-up at 623-872-2900.