How Does A Multizone Hvac Setup Save Money?

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CoolBlew-MultizoneHVACWith 40% or more of the electric bill of a typical home from heating and cooling costs, any increase in efficiency of an HVAC system can add up to sizeable savings. A well setup multizone system will have those increases in efficiency and lower those electric bills.

What Is A Multizone Setup?

In a forced air system there is little control of heating individual parts of a home. It can be very hot in a room on the southwest corner of a home and cool in other parts. But if you want to cool that room, you’ll have to cool the whole house by flipping on the AC. As you can imagine that leaves a little to be desired in the way off efficiency. By splitting the heating and cooling of a home among several smaller heat pumps, you gain more control over how and when you heat or cool your home.

A multizone setup will utilize ductless heat pumps (Basically small ‘AC’ units) located in individual rooms or centrally within a zone of your home. This setup allows for control of the temperatures within those zones or rooms without the operation of a power-hungry central unit. Gone too, are the losses inherent to pumping air through ductwork.

How Multizone Saves You Money

By splitting the workload between multiple, independently-controllable, components of the HVAC system, you can manage the air of the home only where it needs it, saving on energy. The individual thermostats can be programmed to operate at specific temperatures cutting out the need to run a main air handler over the whole house when you only want one room cooled or heated. This customizable zoning, combined with the extremely high efficiency of ductless heat pumps can greatly reduce energy consumption in regards to heating and cooling.

And for all you allergy sufferers, ductless systems offer unparalleled air filtration capabilities. Instead of having one or two returns for a home to handle all the air filtration, each individual heat pump can filter the air in that specific part of the home via a multi-stage filtration system.

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