Prepare and Protect Your Plumbing for the Holiday Season

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There’s a lot to do before the holidays. Meal planning, housecleaning and decorating all come to mind. Yet, it’s easy to overlook one very important holiday checklist item – the plumbing. Yes, plumbing. The biggest day of the year for plumbers is the day after Thanksgiving, followed by the day after Christmas. Why? Plumbing emergencies tend to arise after a big holiday meal and when there’s a house full of guests. And, a leak or a clog is nothing to celebrate!

To avoid having to deal with an unexpected holiday hassle, here are some tips to help you prepare and protect your plumbing for the season:

  • Ensure bathrooms have a plunger and extra toilet paper before any guests arrive. Also, have a garbage can in every bathroom. This will help ensure that guests won’t be tempted to flush items that shouldn’t be placed in the toilet.
  • Watch what you put down the disposal. Food items like potato peels, pumpkin guts, egg shells, pasta, stringy vegetables, gravy, and grease should be thrown in the trash and not down the drain.
  • Check the water heater for leaks, rust or corrosion. Don’t take the chance of having hot water issues during the holidays.
  • Clear drain clogs in sinks and tubs. A simple plunge usually clears out small clogs. Larger ones may require the assistance of a plumber.
  • Address plumbing problems now before the guests arrive. Small issues like running toilets, minor leaks or unresolved shower clogs can turn into bigger problems that put a damper on holiday festivities.

Your Go-To Plumber During the Holidays and Throughout the Year

Hopefully, you will have a holiday free from any plumbing problems. But, if you do experience a leak, clog or other issue, you can rely on Cool Blew. With valley-wide emergency service, we’re here to help keep your holidays on track and running smoothly.