Cool Blew Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of new plumbing, heating and air conditioning products for commercial and residential purposes in Peoria, AZ and the Greater Phoenix region. We are proud to partner with renowned companies like Honeywell in solving all of our customers’ plumbing and HVAC needs.

If you’re not sure exactly which new product is needed for your home or business, no worries: Our licensed technicians are trained in assessing your property and existing equipment and then determining the right-sized solution. Our friendly staff will then walk you through the different models that will suit your needs, and then they’ll tell you about any seasonal specials and manufacturer’s rebates that can help you save on the purchase and installation process. Additionally, we offer financing on most new plumbing and HVAC appliances.

If you’re looking for a great range of plumbing, heating and cooling products, as well as a team that can expertly install your new purchase in the Phoenix area, look no further than Cool Blew Inc.

Greater Phoenix Water Heaters

Water heaters typically last somewhere between 8 and 12 years. The first sign that usually indicates you need an entire replacement is tank failure. If it’s time to replace an old, inefficient water heater, turn to Cool Blew Inc. for advice on a brand new gas or electric unit. We’ll show you our full line of water heaters, and then come to your house or business to professionally install the unit and haul away the old one when you’re ready.

Commercial and Residential Honeywell Thermostats

Commercial and Residential Honeywell ThermostatsGive your home or business “smart” capabilities by upgrading to a Honeywell digital thermostat! The higher-end models come with Wi-Fi capabilities, meaning you can control the thermostat and get notifications remotely (through your PC, smartphone or tablet), among other unique features. Honeywell thermostats give you all the tools you need to mitigate energy costs by taking better control of your heating and cooling system. Check out Cool Blew Inc.’s complete line of Honeywell thermostats today, and then have one of our expert technicians install the device at your home or business.

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