American Standard Air HandlerIn addition to repairing and installing air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces in Peoria and the Greater Phoenix region, Cool Blew, Inc. also services air handlers and provides brand new units. Our brand of choice is American Standard, which has been a leader in the HVAC industry since the 1930s.

Air handlers work in tandem with your air conditioner and heating unit to circulate either cold or warm air (depending on your thermostat setting) throughout a home or office. Air handlers are fairly large appliances that usually get installed inside a structure (in the attic, in most cases).

American Standard has three different series of air handlers to accommodate any budget. If you’re in the market for a new handler for your home or business, check out the overview of each class of American Standard air handlers below. If you have any questions about which air handler is right for you, give us a call at (623) 872-2900.

American Standard Silver Series Air Handler Units

The Silver Series air handlers are great starter units for anyone who needs a brand new installation or to replace an old air handler unit. The Silver Series is rugged and durable, and it surpasses all efficiency requirements. Like all other American Standard air handlers, the Silver Series comes with an all-aluminum coil, which is conducive to a longer system life and lower chance of having a refrigerant leak. The Silver Series is also built with a corrosion-resistant finish, meaning its appearance will stay up for years on end.

American Standard Forefront™ Gold Series Attic Air Handlers

To take your air handler to the next level, try an American Standard Forefront™ Gold Series unit. This line of air handler units has a unique double-walled cabinet that is insulated like a refrigerator, meaning cleaner and colder air for your family or coworkers to breathe. Like the Silver Series, American Standard’s Gold Series comes with a corrosion-resistant finish and an all-aluminum coil. When it comes to attic air handlers, the Forefront™ Gold Series really is a cut above!

American Standard Forefront™ Platinum Series Air Handlers

American Standard’s Forefront™ Platinum Series air handlers truly are the top of the line units. It’s American Standard’s most energy efficient offering, equipped with a variable-speed motor and unprecedented humidity control. The Platinum Series’ Vortica™ blower runs extra quietly, and the unit is one of very few in the industry to regulate refrigerant flow with an electronic expansion valve, which gives the system a longer life. The Platinum Series is the absolute finest option when it comes to commercial and residential air handling units.

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American Standard Air Handler Prices

At Cool Blew, Inc., we know that purchasing a new air handler is not easy for every budget. That’s why we offer financing on all major purchases to make sure you can get the product you need now and spread out the payment over a period of time. Also, check out our Specials page to see if there are any seasonal discounts we can apply to your professional air handling unit installation through Cool Blew, Inc.

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