Cool Blew, Inc. carries the Air Scrubber Plus to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Air Scrubber Plus cleans, freshens and purifies the air in your home! Air Scrubber Plus Activepure technology also removes up to 99.9% of the harmful contaminants in your home.

Air Scrubber Plus is a revolutionary new system designed to help eliminate indoor air quality risks by reducing air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, mold, odor-causing bacteria, and odors caused by pets and cooking. Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePure technology cleans, freshens, and purifies the air using specialized germicidal UV light waves along with a proprietary catalytic process that creates “enviroscrubbing” molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, just like nature’s outdoor scrubbers.

It cleans the air in your home.

Air Scrubber Plus with ActivePure technology, makes cleaning surfaces, mopping up offending odors, and reducing harmful airborne contaminants as simple as turning on your furnace, fan, or air conditioning system.

It freshens the air in your home.

Why spray and scrub surfaces or disguise strong odors with toxic chemicals? Air Scrubber Plus not only purifies the air in your home, it reduces strong odors by naturally mopping up the particles that keep those odors lingering.

It purifies the air in your home.

Unlike air filters that are passive – Air Scrubber Plus actively treats the air by continually sending out ActivePure scrubbers throughout your home to greatly reduce chemicals, dangerous contaminants, mold, odors, and pollutants in the air.

It reduces airborne contaminants in your home.

Air Scrubber Plus with ActivePure technology reduces up to 99.9% of the harmful contaminants throughout your home. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers. The quality of indoor air can be two – five times (and even up to 100 times) more polluted than the worst outside air.

Air Scrubber Plus ensures that air ducts, tables, furniture, countertops, bathrooms, doorknobs, and practically every surface you touch is cleaner and safer for your family. It’s as simple as turning on your fan, furnace, or air conditioning system. Once installed, Air Scrubber Plus goes to work right away by copying the power of nature outside to clean your home inside. In only 30 minutes our technology reduces over 90% of the pathogens in the air – which is 50 times more powerful than normal HVAC filtration. As air passes through the unit, it is transformed by our unique technology. ActivePure scrubbers then travel through the ductwork into every corner of your home, effectively treating and purifying the entire house.

Air Scrubber Plus has been given accolades by Forbes, Yahoo, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald and numerous other news outlets.

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The Air Scrubber by Aerus with ActivePure®Technology Works to Eliminate the Competition!

Features and Benefits

  1. ActivePure® Technology reduces the amount of ozone that exists in the air
  2. No other product features technology that works faster or more efficiently than the Air Scrubber by Aerus
  3. Aerus features the only NASA Certified Space TechnologyTM in its class
  4. Millions of Satisfied Customers
  5. Our technology is designed, engineered, and produced in the United States
  6. Aerus is the only company that utilizes ActivePure® Certified TechnologyTM to protect against airborne and surface contaminants
  7. Aerus has been improving indoor conditions for over 90 years
  8. ActivePure® Technology is effective against MRSA, Staph, Strep, E-Coli, Listeria, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Bacillus, Pseudomonas and more
  9. Proven effective in the International Space Station, Liberty Bell, Ground Zero Museum, Major League Baseball facilities, hospitals, schools, homes and international hotel brands

The ActivePure® Technology built into each Air Scrubber by Aerus is based on a variation of the technology originally developed for use on the International Space Station and is recognized as the exclusive e TechnologyTM in its category

ActivePure and Coronavirus (COVID19)

Many of you have been asking for more information on ActivePure and the Coronavirus (COVID19). To be clear with everyone, ActivePure has not been tested against the Coronavirus (COVID19) which is an RNA virus and we cannot say that it kills or prevents that virus.

ActivePure has been tested in a variety of settings and has been proven effective in reducing bacteria, viruses and other pathogens on surfaces and in the air in university and laboratory tests. These tests have shown that ActivePure is effective against DNA and RNA viruses like these, Swine Flu (H1N1), Avian Bird Flu (H5N8), Hepatitis A (HAV), and MS2 bacteriophage.

Protecting our families, neighbors and relatives starts with following the CDC guidelines below regarding the Coronavirus (COVID19), such as frequent handwashing and disinfecting touchpoints in our homes like doorknobs and faucets. ActivePure by no means replaces these protocols.

Given the nature of the Coronavirus virus and its potential health effects, many families will want to go above and beyond, the CDC’s advice and protocols. ActivePure technology may be an additional tool to create the best environments possible.

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