Show Your HVAC System Some Love This Valentine’s Day

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A heart-shaped house on a wooden table, symbolizing love and home.

Valentine’s Day brings images of red roses, chocolates, and romantic dinners out. As an Arizona homeowner, why not also use this love holiday as a reminder to show some love to one of your most hardworking home systems, your HVAC! After all, life in the Valley of the Sun would be nearly unbearable without reliable air conditioning in the summer and heat during brief periods in winter. So, let’s celebrate February 14th by ensuring your heating and cooling equipment knows how much you appreciate it keeping your home comfy.

Give Your System Some TLC

HVAC systems work year-round dealing with the extremes of Arizona weather. Over time, neglecting maintenance leads to inefficient system operation, higher utility bills, and increased breakdown risks. Simply dedicating some tender loving care around the Valentine’s Day holiday, you’ll be helping out your HVAC system. You’ll want to clear debris around the external compressor unit, inspect all ductwork for leaks, replace air filters, and schedule one of the recommended twice yearly professional tune-ups. Just a little attention to ease your HVAC’s workload pays off all year long.

Check In on Its Health 

When was the last time your local expert HVAC technicians really assessed your HVAC systems overall health? They can use Cupid’s holiday to check in and document any troubling noises, measure vent output temperatures, log runtime hours, and note error codes or lights. Catching even minor issues now guards against major repair needs down the road while keeping your HVAC system running at peak condition.

Set the Mood with Comfy Temps

Crank the heat and break out the fuzzy blankets for a cozy Valentine’s movie night or keep things light and airy for a romantic candlelit dinner. Customizable thermostat comfort is one of the best HVAC gifts you can give your valentine, so why not leverage it to set the mood.

Give it Some Space

With spring just around the corner, you’ll want to whip your exterior HVAC housing into shape by clearing cluttered unit corners or weed-choked landscaping pressing up against exterior HVAC equipment. Your system will function better when given room to breathe.

Happy Valentine’s Day

At Cool Blew, we love our Valley of the Sun customers. Our experienced technicians are available for questions and concerns 24/7, including all holidays. Call us today at Cool Blew at 623-872-2900 to schedule maintenance. We’re here to provide that extra special HVAC love this Valentine’s Day.