Step into Fall with these HVAC ABCs

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Step into Fall with these HVAC ABCs

Fall has officially arrived in the Valley of the Sun. It’s time to transition from monsoon season to outdoor dining, outside festivals, and pleasant meals on your balcony, deck, portico, or patio. Running a household is challenging in the best of times. Between landscaping changes, preparing for upcoming holidays, and typical house repairs, you and your family can stay busy keeping up with everything.  You’re faced with so many demands on your precious time, it helps to have a simple system in place to lighten the workload.


For many homeowners, programming the thermostat is the extent of their air conditioning involvement. That is, until the AC unit breaks down. Here are a few handy ABCs of HVAC service that will help you keep your system in top-notch form.

A is for Air Filters

Changing your air filters on a monthly basis, especially in Arizona, is a great habit to get into. Living in Phoenix means dealing with tons of ultra-fine desert dirt swirling through the air during monsoon season dust storms. The extremely hot, usually dry Sonoran Desert climate, excess of particulate matter from farms and minimally landscaped properties, and dust almost constantly floating in the air, necessitates paying attention to your air filters. Homeowners with cats and dogs know that pet dander can accumulate at a high rate. Clean AC air filters are your first line defense against a house full of pet generated dander.

B is for Breaker Switch

Anytime your air conditioning unit stops working, the first thing you should always do is check your breaker switch. Power outages, power surges, power poles knocked down due to car accidents or monsoon thunderstorms, and brownouts can trip your breaker. Many times, power will go out for a brief moment then back on without you realizing what has happened. Yet, 30 minutes later, you notice your house is getting very warm. Over the years, Cool Blew technicians have made numerous service calls for worn down, faulty, or easily tripped breaker switches.

C is for Capacitors

Actually, your AC unit has many Cs in it. Capacitor, compressor, condenser, coils, and contactor. But one of the most common air conditioning repairs is replacing burnt-out capacitors. In fact, more than 66% of all air conditioning repairs are related to this and other similar electrical issues.

Cool Blew is Here to Keep You Cool

Scheduling regular maintenance on your HVAC system twice a year, in spring and in fall, is the best advice we can offer to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. Call your local Cool Blew professionals today at 623-872-2900 to schedule an appointment. Your comfort is our business.