Talking Frugal When It Comes to Your Air Conditioning

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Staying cool in the hottest city in the United States doesn’t come cheap. In fact, utility costs often skyrocket when temperatures soar above 100 degrees. Of course, savings starts with having an energy-efficient air conditioner and energy-efficient tips for Your HVAC system But what if you have an older model that still performs well but isn’t as efficient as it should be. Here are a few tips to help you save on AC until it’s time for a replacement.

Turn on the Fans

Almost every Phoenix-area home has ceiling fans. Turn them on! While they don’t actually lower the temperature in your home, they make you feel more comfortable. For maximum efficacy, make sure they’re turning in a counter-clockwise direction. You want that air to blow down on you!

Create Shade

Whether you have blinds, curtains, shades or some other window covering, they should be closed during the peak sunny hours of the day. Follow the sun around the house and open and close as needed to keep the sun’s rays from heating up your home. This one action can have a profound impact on your ability to keep your home cool.

Turn Off Heat-Generating Appliances

Run your dishwasher at night and consider cooking al fresco when it’s hot outside. And by all means, take advantage of the power of the sun to dry your clothes by hanging them outside instead of using that heat-producing dryer.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

By gaining control of the temperature in your home, you’ll reduce wasted energy and lower your monthly costs. A new thermostat is an inexpensive device that offers tremendous savings. If you’re not home during the day, turn the AC up to 85 while you’re gone. There are big savings to be gained!

Change Those Filters

Go buy a stack of air filters for your air conditioner. Change the filter once a month to keep your airflow efficient.

And when you’re ready for that new energy-efficient air conditioner, Cool Blew has you covered with free estimates, the latest information on rebates and discounts and plenty of helpful advice to make sure you get the best possible system for your home.