The Great Escape – Where Does All the Heat Go?

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Arizona’s climate is so varied. Record high and low temperatures can occur within the state on the very same day. As the valley gets colder, and winter approaches, Phoenix residents’ thoughts turn to heat. We’ve already had a few calls from concerned homeowners awakened in the middle of the night by the smell of burning dust when their heater kicks in for the first time. With the holidays approaching, and temperatures dropping, it’s a good idea to schedule your winter HVAC tune-up to make sure your furnace is working properly, and the heat you are paying for is being delivered efficiently to every room in your house.

Keep More Heat Inside Your Home – After All, You’re Paying for It

Whether your home has a gas furnace or electric heat, energy costs are significant (and just like heat, they keep rising). Retaining the maximum amount of heat in your home is the name of the game. Here are a few places where heat is escaping from your house:

  • Heat Loss Is Going Through the Roof

    Your roof takes a beating from the sun all summer long. It’s a shame that heat can’t be magically stored for the colder months. In most houses, there is significant heat loss through the attic and roof. Heat rises, so it stands to reason that an uninsulated roof can cost you up to 25 percent loss of the heat generated by your furnace. If you haven’t already done so, and especially if you live in an older home, you may want to consider installing insulation in your attic.

  • Significant Heat Loss Through Walls

    Current homebuilding techniques include extensive insulation and home wrapping, which does a good job of preventing heat loss. Older Arizona homes, however, have gaps, cracks and uninsulated areas where heat escapes. The good news is cavity walls can be easily insulated by injection method and will not only save you money on heat but also help keep cold air inside during the summer. You might want to consider a home energy audit in 2020.

  • Doors, Windows and Your Garage Door

    The usual suspects – older doors, windows and the garage door can be problem areas for heat loss. A simple visual inspection will let you know if you need to consider window replacement. Kids playing outdoors during winter often leave the garage door open for hours. Stop heating the great outdoors and tell your kids to shut the door!

There’s Still Time to Schedule Your Winter Service Before the End of the Year

We know everyone gets busy this time of year. Shopping, concerts, school events and parties make the season bright. One thing you don’t want to deal with is a faulty furnace. Give us a call and make sure your holidays are carefree.