The Latest in Smart Plumbing Technology

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Smart technology is being integrated across our daily lives in a wide range of ways. From wearable devices that track our steps to home security systems and virtual assistants, there’s not shortage of products that are designed to make our home and lives easier and more efficient. Among some of the most intriguing products on the market today involve plumbing.

Smart Faucets

Leading plumbing fixture manufacturers are introducing faucets that integrate smart capabilities that enable them to be turned on or off with just a voice. Some even have intriguing features that let users request a specific temperature or quantity of water to be dispensed.

Advanced Toilets

The humble toilet has become increasingly advanced with smart features enabled by Bluetooth technology. These include lighting, heated seats and automatic flushing. Along with more streamlined designs, today’s advanced toilets are a quick way to enhance the look of any bathroom.

Voice-Controlled Showers

Like with other plumbing fixtures, shower faucets have entered the Internet age. Homeowners can opt for a system that turns on or off the shower by voice. They also can help manage water efficiency by enabling users to choose a specific amount of time for a shower.

Home Leak Detection

Leaks are among the most frustrating aspect of homeownership. They can cause water waste and damage before you even know anything is wrong. Today’s smart water alarm systems can help minimize these occurrences. With internet-enabled sensors placed near common sources of leaks, including water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines, a system’s sensors can identify a water leak, trigger a water supply shut down and send you a notification before the damage is done.

If you’re considering upgrading to any smart plumbing capabilities, you’ll want to include a smart phone hub that connects all your home’s systems. Options from Amazon, Google or Samsung are all solid choices and can serve as the central solution for enabling all your smart home features to work together.

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