Thermostats Getting Even “Smarter”

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Nest Smart Thermostat -

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After shelling out 3.2 billion dollars for purchasing Nest Labs last year, it was natural for Google to introduce deeper integration capabilities for its users with the smart thermostat.

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Control Your Nest Thermostat With Google Now

Now, more than a year later, owners of Nest can monitor and manage their smart thermostats from their Chrome browser, or via usage of Google’s app on iOS and Android devices.

Once the accessibility feature is set on, you’ll have the added convenience of changing room temperature from your tablet PC, smartphone or computer. You’ll also have Google Now cards displayed indicating the necessary adjustments made by the thermostat – which looks like an unobtrusive and smart way of keeping temperature within control.

Earlier “Smart” Thermostats Not So Smart Or Convenient

The smart thermostat isn’t the first thermostat to use integrated voice controls – and is certainly not going to be the last one. Honeywell had released a model back in 2013 that could be adjusted with the help of voice commands. However, the commands were a bit basic in their implementation and didn’t manage to earn enough followers.

For instance, the adjustments possible were only the “up” and “down” ones – setting the unit to a specific temperature was not feasible. Furthermore, its wireless range wasn’t a lot to boast about either, thanks to the thermostat’s inbuilt microphone. With the jammed-in microphone, the user had to be in the thermostat’s vicinity for a smoother interaction with the system.

The Next Generation Of Smart Thermostats

Comprehensive and more flexible voice management systems seem to be the next big leap for smart thermostats and smart homes. The tech community has been eagerly waiting for Apple Inc. to turn the cards on HomeKit and handover the smart home keys to Siri. For the moment, Google can claim to be the pioneer of sorts.

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