Three Gas Line Issues That Can Happen – Even in the Summer

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Although gas furnaces are not in use this time of year, gas piping issues can happen anytime – even during the hot summer months. For homeowners who have gas furnaces, water heaters and ranges, it’s important to keep an eye (and nose) out for possible gas issues that have the potential of being dangerous.

At Cool Blew, we have the experience and expertise to repair your gas piping issues.

  1. Gas Line Leaks
    Fortunately, gas line leaks are not common, but when they do happen, they can be dangerous. Natural gas is inherently odorless, so a “rotten egg” scent is added to enable it to be identified. If you smell this odor, turn off your gas and call for immediate assistance. If you’re unfamiliar with where your gas valve is, call your local gas service provider or the fire department. It’s best to leave the home until the repair is made. And most importantly, do nothing that involves an open flame, such as turning on a gas range, firing up a grill or lighting a cigarette.
  2. Gas Line Blockages
    Occasionally a gas pipe can become clogged with contaminants that can hinder the function of an appliance. If you’re having issues with gas flow, this could be the problem. Once again, it’s a gas line problem that warrants professional service.
  3. Valve Malfunctions
    Gas line valves can be a source for leaks and blockages. Our technicians can quickly replace a problematic valve and get your gas flowing properly again.

If you think you’re experiencing a gas line issue in your home, don’t delay in getting help. Remember, ensure your home and family are safe by leaving the house, call your gas company, and then call Cool Blew at 623-872-2900.