Typical Water Heater Issues

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Water heaters are a convenience homeowners expect at all times. Even though water heaters are manufactured to last, problems can still occur—and usually at inconvenient times. An interruption in hot water or low water pressure when you want to take a shower or run a load of laundry can quickly become a stressful situation. Let’s look at some typical water heater problems.

Temperature Issues

Water temperature problems can be very frustrating. The water can be too hot, too cold, or not hot enough.

Cold Water

Issues arising from water being cold when it should be hot may include the water heater not getting power, or the thermostat and heating elements not working correctly. If your water heater is gas powered, check to see if the pilot light is lit. If there isn’t a pilot light, then the water heater may not be getting an adequate gas flow. If it’s an electric water heater, check if the power cord is plugged in properly, reset the power breaker, and check for blown fuses. If the pilot light won’t relight, there’s not enough gas, or the power supply isn’t functioning properly, call your trusted local plumbing company.

Not Hot Enough

When the water is warm, but not hot enough, there may be a thermostat problem or a heating element that’s not functioning. A water heater too small for your household water needs may be another cause. These issues are best taken care of by a professional.

Overly Hot Water

Thermostat settings are the most likely cause of water that is too hot. The thermostat may have been set above the recommended setting of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends this setting for optimal power efficiency and to reduce the chances of scalding hot water.

Stinky or Discolored Water

Foul smelling water flowing from your faucets may be the result of a failing water heater element. A foul odor may be caused by the heating element releasing hydrogen causing the bad smell.

Rust-colored water is most likely caused by corrosion inside the water tank from a failing element. This is when you should call your plumbing technician to inspect the unit and decide if the water heater element needs to be replaced or the entire water heater needs replacement.

Call Cool Blew

These are a few of the typical water heater issues you may encounter. Call our expert plumbers at Cool Blew today at 623-872-2900 to schedule your plumbing appointment.