What Are the Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater?

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During this scorching hot time of the year, you may not be thinking much about hot water for your home. Yet, heating water can account for over 12% of your house’s daily power usage—even during the summer months. That’s a large amount of energy resources. Traditionally, electric and gas water heaters have the largest market share. Newer options available for homeowners include tankless water heaters. They’re extremely energy efficient and reduce the risks of leaks and water damage. Check out these five advantages of installing a tankless water heater in your home.

Tankless Water Heater Advantages

  1. Low Water Usage

    With a tankless water heater, there’s no wait time for the water to heat up. The typical water heater takes three minutes to produce hot water and another 30 minutes to fill up the water tank reserve. Tankless water heaters save time and money because there’s no wasted water going down the drain waiting for the hot water to begin flowing.

  2. Space Saver

    A tankless water heater uses much less space than a traditional tank as they’re only about 1/5 the size. They can be mounted on the wall saving you space to utilize for shelving or other needs.

  3. Pure Water

    A traditional water heater’s reserve tank will begin to rust over time which can contaminate your water supply. With a tankless water system, there’s a continuous stream of pure, clean running water.

  4. Longer Lifespan

    A tankless water heating system can last up to 20 years before replacement. This is because there are no minerals and impurities gathering inside the tank which leads to wear and tear. The high mineral contact in Arizona water reduces the lifespan of conventional water heaters on average to 10 years or less.

  5. Continuous Hot Water

    Since there’s no tank involved, the problem of stand-by heat loss is eliminated. Tankless water heaters provide a constant supply of hot water that allows your family to run the dishwasher, take showers, and wash a load of laundry all at the same time.

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