What Are The Benefits Of Better Indoor Air Quality For Businesses?

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Benefits Of Better Indoor Air Quality For Businesses-CoolBlewThe word “pollution” tends to conjure images of city smog, exhaust from vehicles, and other outdoor hazards. People forget that the air they breathe indoors is not always the cleanest or safest either. In fact, indoor air pollution may be up to five times worse than what we encounter outside.

The common culprits in a business environment include dust, paint, mold, and other allergens. The presence of volatile organic compounds or VOCs like phthalates and formaldehyde make things even worse. Businesses should implement measures to reduce VOCs and ensure that the HVAC system is able to filter contaminants. Giving proper attention to indoor air quality (IAQ) results in the following benefits:

Possible Benefits Of Better Indoor Air Quality For Businesses

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Indoor pollutants can induce respiratory diseases and other health-related problems. Sick employees will not be able to work efficiently and may miss several days while they try to recover. Filtering air contaminants ensures that people can effectively work in a safe environment that is conducive for productive work. They will be able to focus on their tasks instead of worrying about their health.

Happier Customers

Establishments that welcome a lot of customers must make sure that the business is absolutely clean. In a restaurant, for example, the food is not the only thing that matters. The tables and floor must be clean and the curtains dust-free. The air too, must be as fresh as possible to provide people with a safe dining experience. The people will certainly feel it. If they have a good experience, they will keep coming back and recommend it to their friends. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

Favorable Business Experiences

Most offices receive visits from clients and business partners on a regular basis. It is crucial to make a good impression on all that visit. The office should exude an image of competence and experience. Everything should look clean and organized. The indoor air quality should be excellent so keep the guests comfortable as they consider proposals. All of these will contribute to favorable decisions.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Cool Blew Inc.’s professional and experienced commercial HVAC technicians can help you and your business increase the overall indoor air quality to benefit you, your employees and your customers. Just give us a quick call now to learn more about commercial HVAC repair, maintenance, installation and IAQ!

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