What Are Those Strange AC Noises?

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It may be the official end of summer, but your AC is likely continuing to work hard to maintain the ideal indoor temperature. With your system still running, there’s bound to be an occasional, unusual sound or two. While not all odd noises from your HVAC are reason for concern, some are. We’ve compiled a list of four sounds to be aware of for homeowners in the Valley of the Sun.


All HVAC systems make humming sounds, but if the hum is increasing in volume, it may be an indicator that your capacitor is failing. The capacitor is the component of your AC unit that turns the motor on and off. If that hum is accompanied by delays in your unit turning on or random shut offs, it’s time to call your technician for a diagnosis.

Continuous Whirling

If a loud whirling sound is continuous while the AC is running, there could be multiple causes. It may be that the AC unit that’s installed is actually too large for your home. Damaged air ducts inside your house can also produce this type of sound. Dirty condenser fins and even an air conditioning unit that’s past its lifespan can make those irritating noises. To find out the actual cause, don’t delay and call your technician.


When an air conditioning compressor is damaged, it can make an annoyingly high-pitched sound. This may be the most bothersome of all AC noises. The compressor is known as the “heart” of the AC unit, and it’s the component keeping your house cool during hot weather. The compressor is busy pumping refrigerant through the unit. When the compressor is broken, you’ll know it not only by the squeals, but also because the air indoors will not be cold. Best to shut off power to the AC unit and immediately call your technicians at Cool Blew for help.


A loud, clunking sound can be an indication that a motor needs lubrication. When the AC unit continues to run without fixing this problem, you may start to hear a grinding noise. Even though DIY videos show how to lubricate a motor, it’s a job best left to the professionals.

Contact Cool Blew

Ignoring noises can turn minor issues into expensive repairs. The sooner the unusual sound is identified, and the problem resolved, the better it will be for the performance of your AC unit. Our talented team of technicians at Cool Blew are only a call away. Schedule an appointment today – 623-872-2900.