What Is a Heat Pump?

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Heat pumps are high-efficiency systems that cool and heat your home in place of an air conditioner and furnace. They can be very cost-effective in the long term over other heating and cooling systems. Peoria, Arizona and other Valley homes typically use air-source heat pumps. This type of heat pump works by absorbing heat from the indoor air and moving it outdoors in the same way an air conditioner runs. It works the opposite way as a furnace. Basically, heat pumps look very similar to traditional air conditioning systems and are usually built by the same manufacturers.

Heat pumps can be combined with an existing HVAC system or run as a standalone way to cool and heat your home. They deliver a quite effective way to save on your monthly energy bills.

Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 makes this a great time to consider upgrading your existing HVAC system to a heat pump. Especially if your equipment is 10 or more years old, needing expensive repairs, suffering from expensive utility bills, or if your system is running longer to maintain the same thermostat setting.

Heat Pump Tax Credits and Rebates

By upgrading your existing HVAC equipment, you’ll be entitled to receive a federal tax credit of up to $2,000, including the cost of labor. To qualify for the tax credit, the heat pump must be installed at your primary residence. Not all new heat pumps qualify for the Inflation Reduction Act federal tax credit. Cool Blew’s installers know which models meet eligibility requirements.

If you add in a home energy audit which can point out various ways you can improve your home’s overall energy efficiency, you’ll save another $150 in the form of a tax credit.

SRP customers throughout the greater Phoenix area, who are upgrading to a new heat pump, can be eligible for the SRP Cool Cash Rebate to help lower costs even more. The heat pump rebate is based on tonnage, and by selecting Cool Blew as your certified contractor, we’ll make sure it’s installed according to industry and manufacturer specifications so that it operates at peak efficiency levels.

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