What Is A Smart Thermostat Anyway?

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Smart thermostats have recently become more popular and have been in the news recently, but what is a smart thermostat anyway?

Discover just what a smart thermostat is as well as the benefits of having this type of thermostat in your home.

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a highly programmable, wireless, digital thermostat for central heating and/or cooling that integrates with a smart phone or device.

Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

Wireless, smart thermostats are easier to install and they are more flexible as opposed to conventional thermostats, i.e. the wired ones and because you can easily control it through a smart phone, you can change the temperature in your home or the program setting from anywhere, even miles and miles away – as long as you have your smart phone!

These digital thermostats are much more accurate than traditional thermostats and are more efficient and capable of responding to temperature changes easier and smarter than their older, traditional counterparts.

Since smart thermostats are very easy to control, they are also completely programmable. You can set different temperatures for different periods during the day or night. In fact, this kind of setting can also be done for multiple days or weeks. The flexibility of programming can be great if you go on vacation or are away from your home for an extended period of time. And if you do wish to change the program you’ve set while away, you can do so easily through your smart phone.

Some smart thermostats are designed to change the temperature of your home to your behavior, as they can essentially “learn” your setting patterns. Some also have a motion sensor that can tell when no one is home, therefore, not needing to heat or cool the home. This is of course all programmable, if you’d like to adjust it.

What To Check For When Purchasing A Smart Thermostat

If you do choose to get a smart thermostat, make sure that the unit observes all the necessary codes including the National Electric Code. It should also come with the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. label on it. We recommend that you choose a thermostat that comes with a warranty. Most of the manufacturers offer a one-year warranty but these days manufacturers have started offering five-year warranties as well.

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